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The Practical Division is a USPSA affiliated club (Area 2) and shoots on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The match is generally 5 stages, including a USPSA classifier.

Practical Shooting is a fun, fast-paced, action shooting sport, using realistic courses of fire and scenarios that challenges your mind, your body, and your hardware as you explore the limits of the man-machine combination. The only restrictions on course designers pertain to safety and standardized targets; beyond that, the sky’s the limit! Practical Shooting matches are realistic and diverse. Multiple targets, moving targets, partial targets, knock-down steel targets, no-shoot targets that cover or obscure “shoot” targets, barricades, doors, windows, walls, tables, cars, boats, motorcycles—all these and other props are mixed together by course designers to create constantly changing situations which challenge the competitor to shoot and think! As Practical Shooting is freestyle, you provide the solution to the shooting problem, and both your score (points) and speed (time) are factored. 

“DVC” (diligentia, vis, celiratis) is the Practical Shooting motto; it stands for “Accuracy, Power, and Speed,” and symbolizes the challenge of the sport. How fast can you shoot? How accurately? Can you find the right mix of speed and accuracy to solve the shooting scenario before you?  Our matches are a great way to hone your defensive pistolcraft skills, in a sporting, ‘non-Rambo’ environment. 

This division sponsors an annual 2-day Charity Match in mid-April generating monies for college scholarships. The match is known for its fun stages, relaxed atmosphere and the offer of a Mulligan. Shooters from all the surrounding states are known to be here.

New shooters and spectators are welcome at all the matches. Eye and ear protection are required.

Practical News

Membership Dues Reminder
Memberships expired at the end of December. You can join or renew at the range or by mail.

Yuma MatchMasters Monthly USPSA Practical Pistol

YMM's monthly USPSA match will be Sunday, January 8th. There will be 5 Stages, including classifier.

Setup starts at 6:45 AM
Check-in begins at 7:45 AM
Shooters Meeting at 8:45 AM

Members $15.00
Non-Members $20.00
Juniors Shoot Free

Please come out and help with set-up if you can.

We are now taking online payments with registration! If you are a current YMM Member, you will receive the $5 discount when you pay. If you would prefer to pay at the range, we accept cash or checks. Pre-registration is preferred and highly recommended.

See you on Sunday!

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Practical Pistol Match Schedule

Matches are held the 2nd Sunday of each month. The match times vary depending on the time of the year and will be posted along with the monthly match information.

For More Information...

Contact the match director John Glover via


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