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YMM Yuma Valley Precision Rifle NRL22 was formed to provide a safe enjoyable venue to promote the sport of tactical precision rifle shooting using a 22LR rifle. YMM’s NRL 22 matches are aligned with the National Rifle League’s “NRL22” a 22LR precision rifle competition. The overall format is simple, every month a national course of fire will be shot, competitors can either shoot for local fame, or join NRL22 and have their scores compared to an entire nation’s worth of rifle people. 

The NRL course of fire will consist of two prone stages, one positional stage, one barricade stage and one wild card stage. Stage targets are a mixture of paper and steel with steel target sizes predominantly around two minutes of angle. NRL22 stages range from 25 yards to 100 yards, and local supplemental stages may go out as far as 150 yards.

Classes: Open, Base, Ladies and Young Guns (8-18).

  1. Open class is unlimited in the 22LR rifle and optic they use.
  2. Ladies any 22LR rifle and optic.
  3. Young Guns ages 8-18 and may utilize any 22LR rifle and optic. Young guns must be able to manipulate the rifle safely on their own, but voice coaching is absolutely encouraged. Youth shooters MUST have a parent/guardian present and a responsible adult present while participating in a match.
  4. Base class, which is for the budget minded shooter. This class is for rifles that cost MSRP of $350 or less and optics that cost MSRP of $700 or less. Some modifications are allowed in Base class.

The courses of fire are simple, but not easy. Some key points:

  • All stages are 100 yards or less
  • Most stages are 10 rounds each
  • The first course of fire seems quite bolt action friendly
  • Most stages are steel, or a simple paper
  • Requires a .22LR rifle that is accurate out to 100 yards, and that can hold 5-10 rounds at a time
  • 50 rounds of reliable ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection

NRL 22 Information:
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More information regarding the NRL 22 league can be found on their website at


NRL 22 Match News

NRL 22 Facebook Page
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Match Results
We no longer email match results. You may check your scores on the Practiscore website at Type YMM in the search box to see all YMM results.


NRL 22 Match Schedule

Matches are held the 2nd Saturday of each month and will start at 7:00 AM. NOTE: Times may change as the weather changes. Please check news section below for exact times.


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